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Company Guide Lines: Italy Cruise Tours

About Us

Italy Cruise Tours presents his 10 capital rules and company guidelines for your cruise trips.

The questions are: why do I need to book thorugh
Italy Cruise Tours my Italy shore excursion and not with the prestigious luxury cruise companies? Which are the differences between the Italy shore excursions provided by these ship companies that people can buy on line or on board and the shore excursions provided by I C T ?

1) No budget tours. FLEXIBILITY. ICT provides much more than the budget tours and group shore excursions sold on board of the ship companies where their only concern is to store on each bus the minimum number of 40 people doing the same things at the same time in hurry, in order to cover as much as it is described on brochures. No matter who you are and your special needs, if any. With us, flexibility is a guideline, you are on cruise vacation, you deserved. Any change tour wise, we are ready to accomplish your wish. We customize any private tour.

2) AUTHENTIC ITALIAN FOOD. The group and private tours offered on board by the ship companies use the same restaurants and menus both in winter and summer for thousands of people, and are tourist restaurants. International Food, not Italian food. Our venues are local places where it's very hard to find a tourist, waiters are nice and food is superb, like the price as only the expert travellers know that price may be not the equivalent of super food-.

3) TIME SPENT: NO HUSTLE and BUSSLE. With the group tours that people can buy on board no matter if you spend only 15 minutes in the Rome Coliseum or inside the Sistine Chapel. The important thing for these kind of group tours is to sell and give the idea to their customers that they have seen a lot. Exactly, people see a lot, do not visit or experience at all the authenticity of each city in Italy. No good for us, Italy Cruise Tours.

4) FUN, CULTURAL & ENTERTAINING CRUISE TOURS. No boring guides working by contract for a cruise line. Our private cruise tours will be conducted by professional, fun, experienced and licensed tour guides, supplied by reliable English speaking drivers. Years of experience in giving all the cruise land arrangements.

5) CHANGE of PROGRAMS & SAFE PAYMENTS. Our tours can be totally insured if an unexpected change occurs and can be totally or partially refunded on your credit card accodingly. Payments are safe being insured by the PayPal secure web servers. No hidden fees or bad suprises, it is all explained in each cruise tour.

6) A PRIVATE SERVICE vs A PUBLIC CONTRACT. Us, ICT never wanted to be annually contracted by the ship companies as, once you sign up, it is an understanding that you give what they require, no matter if you use questionable tour guides, mediocre food venues and updated transportation. Instead, ICT wants to give the top quality cruise service being a private company and people come back to us.

7) PEOPLE, NOT PASSENGERS ON A CRUISE CABIN. People and not numbers or cruise cabin. You and your family, kids, partners, group of friends for us are not just a number likewise for the shore excursions sold by the ship companies. You are people and priceless customers travelling and experiencing Italy. We do want to present you our home country in the best way.

8) PICK UP/DROP OFF. Convenient pick-up and drop off your assigned English speaking driver & private guides right at your pier when you disembark your ship at anytime you will tell us. We are available to advise and suggest you 10 hours a day in our office or while touring with you.

9) NO LINES. We always have a preferred channel and booking system which avoid queues in the Museums & Churches. A luxury cruise tour of quality has to be rewarded in the right way.

10) WARMTH and SMILES. Being a private company, people working for and with us will be working so that you will recommend our company name and services provided to your friends, partners & colleagues, on word of mouth base. This is the best referral for us. And therefore this always motivated us to give our customers the 110% in terms of any service.

So choosing your best Italy cruise tour is not a deal with Italy Cruise Tours where it is all about exploring, having fun, professional services. When you navigate our web site we hope that you will find which tour matches you up that best fits you.

Enjoy Italy!

Dr. Cristiano Pellegrini
ICT Executive Director

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