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Italy Cruise Tours: Our Travel Policies

About Us

Shore Excursions. No risk, all reward.

If you're planning a cruise or you're already booked, this is the first place to start planning your fun. Shore Excursions sell out fast, so book now to reserve your spot. With us, ICT, Shore Excursions can be booked online up to 2 days prior to your tour date.

If you need assistance or for more information, please call us +39-328-474-1982 or, give us your numbers and we call you back.

And just in case you're thinking about chancing it with an independent tour operator, you may want to think again. Here's why:

Safe, reliable, licensed and insured.

That's what all
Italy Cruise Tours tour operator partners are. Taking a tour with someone else may save a few bucks, but the risks outnumber the savings.

Your choices, your convenience, our expert advice.

In this web site there are tons of tours to choose from and they'll help you decide the best one for you and your budget. The other guys, big tour operators, big cruise companies, on baord, don't take the time to be an advisor, they just want the sale.

One price, no surprises.

ICT, there are no hidden fees. Other tour operators charge extra for transfers, entrance fees and more.

Make the most of your day.

No need to waste time sitting through hard-selling timeshare presentations as part of your tour. With us, you can just enjoy your day and have fun.

Why wander - we are right here.

It's not really a chariot, but we do offer convenient pick-up and drop-off right at the pier. You'll never wander around an unfamiliar port searching and waiting for your group.

Change happens? - Enjoy peace of mind.

Miss a Shore Excursion due to unexpected changes in our itinerary? No problem. We'll be happy to credit and refund it OR reschedule your excursion or assist in your selection of an alternate one. Why shouldn't it be that easy? With those other guys, trust us, it wouldn't be.

So, now you know - there's simply no better choice for booking a shore excursion than with ICT. Reliable operator, no hidden fees, fantastic adventures, and best of all - no worries! We want you to be satisfied so you'll join us in every Italy port-of-call. So, book your shore excursions today. You'll be glad you did.


Italy Cruise Tours Staff.

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