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Rome Tourist Traps: Driver Guides operating as illegal Tour Guides

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An unknown Travel issue in Rome by the Majority of Internet Clients and Foreigners: the Driver-Guides.

Dear Internet Friend,

here below is simply a warning that has to deal with your money and
cruise vacation in Italy and particularly dealing with your cruise excursion to Rome. Us, Italy Cruise Tours, along with some other Rome local suppliers, are trying legal methods to stop a phenomeneon which is very common nowadays on Internet: the driver-guides.

We do care about the Italian reputation, not only ours, of course, but also of our country and the services provided all around our country as, being Italians, we are proud of being Italians and love our "Bel Paese" and the good people, as most of us is.

The point is the so called "
Driver-Guides". These fellows are illegal in Italy. Us, Italy Cruise Tours, we noticed the proliferation of the internet advertisements of these phantomatic companies over the major search engines: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.

There are at least 10 of them stealing money to those who think to grab a
private cruise excursion to Rome.

Apart from for few people living in some European countries (Italy, Greece, France & United Kingdom) where there are strict rules on this matter, a lot ... we said ... a lot of estimated people coming from our best partners countries - especially from US, Canada and Australia - .. assume that they can hire an English speaking driver for the
day trip to Rome from Civitavecchia that can be also a guide for this day. NO! We just let you know that this is illegal in Italy!

The drivers in this case are cheating you as they cannot operate as guides
. The Italian police cannot make much more than what is doing, in reason of the situation: logically, it is hard to demonstrate the contrary of the question to the Municipal Police, which is that a driver is doing just a driving service and not also a guiding one.

Please remember that a driver is a driver ... and be aware of "
driver guides " that you may find in several web sites or through some Rome hotels, as they are not official tour guides of Rome as a real tour guide must be licensed by local authorities after the legal and public written and oral exams of tourist guide.

The driver guides cannot operate here and anywhere else, being illegal. A driver is a driver and a private tour guide is a private tour guide. Two separate jobs.
Visitors don't know this and we want to warn you that this is a classical Rome tourist trap. In any case, ask your guide to show you his/her Blue Badge of " Guida Turistica " .

Of course if people hire just a driver and minibus/minivan/deluxe car is less expensive that hiring also an Official Tourist Guide. Do not expect to visit Rome having just a driver. it will be more or less the equivalent of those who are in Rome and buy the daily ticket of the Hop-on and hop-off double deck bus.

Those who hire just a driver thinking that he is also a guide will never experience Rome or any great historical sites in Italy in the right way, but just having a general info on "this is this and there can be found this". The average of taxi drivers can do the same and you safe 80% of your money.

What the people risk in case a driver is caught by the Police?

1. The driver will have his driver license suspended for three months, the fake tour is stopped and the driver will have a big ticket. And, consequently,

2. When you are on a shore excursion to Rome you will pay twice - need to call a taxi and its costs is minimum 250,00/300,00 EUR one way from Rome to Civitavecchia - or, if you are travelling in Tuscany, you will have great disadvantages and incoveniences, even worse and more money.

Sometimes is better not having any tour or ground service than risking to ruin your
Italian cruise vacation, something that we consider a lifetime experience when we plan and cusotmize the Italian vacations to our clients !

We want the best for your Italy Cruise. You deserved if you are planning to come to Italy.


Italy Cruise Tours Staff

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